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Strain Name: Afghan Kush
Type: Indica
THC: 17.0%
Medical Uses: Recommended for Anxiety, Pain and Depression
Recommended time of Use: Night
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USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 2 Days

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Buy Afghan Kush for sale online at the best online cannabis shop..If you have been searching for the Best online cannabis Shop to Buy Afghan Kush for sale, Its  almost 100% Indica strain is naturally grown in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The strain has a very earthy, almost “hash-like” scent with a hint of Pinesol-like aroma. When smoked, it has a sweet hash taste similar to its smell. Buds of this strain are very condensed and covered in a fair amount of trichomes (the THC making glands or crystals). The plant has the familiar broad leaves of other Indicas. More info

Because this strain is mostly Indica, it affects the body much more than the mind. This results in a heavy feeling of laziness or sleepiness. It is also described as a very euphoric strain that causes users to feel very happy. Many users report feeling hungry after ingesting it. Several users have expressed caution regarding its intake. Receiving more than a few hits can result in an overwhelming feeling of lethargy, making it difficult to move. The strain’s negative effects include the usual dry mouth and eyes, occasional paranoia, and dizziness. A few people reported having headaches after using Afghan Kush.

Due to the heavy Indica effects, it is most often used by insomniacs as a night time medication. It is also used to help people cope with stress and anxiety. People with eating disorders, such as anorexia, use it because of its effect on appetite. Thanks to its heavy body high, it is an ideal strain for pain relief, bringing relaxation to users with chronic pain. Hurry up now and buy Afghan Kush for sale online  at FIZATA EXPRESS the best online cannabis shop..

Traditionally, the strain was harvested  to produce a very potent hashish – the quality the strain retained. Due to the sturdy nature of this wild strain, it is recommended for amateur growers. Afghan Kush’s unusually high THC content can make up for the lower yields beginners might harvest. It is fairly resistant to disease and molds (another big plus for beginners). Because of its natural hardiness, Buy Afghan Kush for sale now it can be grown both indoors and out. The strain flowers for seven to eight weeks and is ready for harvest in October when grown outside. Being an Indica, short Afghan Kush plants grow wide, filling out rather than up. A well-grown plant can yield 400 grams per square meter inside or between 500 to 600 grams outside. more info

Buy Afghan Kush for sale online  at  FIZATA EXPRESS the best online cannabis shop..

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