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Strain Name: Black Widow
Type:  Sativa Hybrid
THC: 28.0%
Medical Uses: Recommended for Anxiety, Pain and Depression
Recommended time of Use: Night
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USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 2 Days

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Buy Black Widow At Best Online Marijuana Dispensary Get Marijuana mail order

Buy Black Widow | Online Marijuana Dispensary Get Marijuana mail order


Have you been wanting to buy black widow kush online ?? FIZATA EXPRESS is one of the leading  Online Marijuana Dispensary to get marijuana mail order with over 500, 000 costumers around the globe.  Black Widow is a Sativa dominant hybrid that has won several awards including Number One at the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. The strain is known to produce the highest of highs giving users trippy feelings of euphoric bliss. The strain retains its Indica heritage imparting a mild body high that can leave one stuck to the couch. Along with dry eyes and mouth, some users experience dizziness, paranoia, and minor headaches. More info

This strain is primarily used to increase appetite. Some people, however, use it for anxiety, stress, and/or insomnia relief. Due to its Indica properties, it also helps people with chronic pain. Because Black Widow induces feelings of laziness and sleepiness, it is recommended for evening use. get marijuana mail order at the best and leading online marijuana dispensary

Buy Black Widow it is a dark deviation of its older sibling White Widow. Both are a mix of a Brazilian Sativa and a South-Indian Indica. Mr. Nice Seeds used selective breeding on White Widow to create a strain that is easy to grow and that produces high yields with a THC content of over twenty percent. The super-dense bright green buds are speckled with fine purple and orange-red hairs and frosted with trichomes.

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The strain is best grown indoors or outside in a greenhouse since rainfall can greatly lower yields. It is naturally resistant to molds, mildew, and pests, which make it an ideal choice for amateur growers. When grown indoors, it requires eight to ten weeks to flower. Outdoors, in the northern hemisphere, Black Widow is ready to harvest at the end of September/early October, even when planted as late as June. Experienced growers can  harvest 350 to 450 grams per square meter indoors or 300 to 400 grams outside. While less experienced growers may yield less volume, those who wait until the end of the cycle will have frosted buds, which make it more than worth the effort. Males of this strain are great for cross-breeding with other strains.

Buying marijuana online is now very easy and fast, delivery takes 2 to 3 days max depending on the location. buy black widow today at FIZATA EXPRESS  the leading online marijuana dispensary in 2018 where you can get marijuana mail order in 2 steps.

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  1. Malian Beverly

    Happy headed and body relaxed. Took away back strain I had quickly and completely. It;s a Focused comfortable head high . Talkative too. Nice head comfort- blanket the next day. Yup. In the rotation.

  2. Chelsea Thompson

    Love it! It makes me stress free and happy.

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