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Strain Name: Blue Dream

Type: Hybrid

THC: 23.4%

Medical Uses: Recommended for Anxiety, Pain and Depression
Recommended time of Use: Night
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USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 2 Days

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Buy Blue Dream Kush for sale | Mail order Kush online

Buy Blue Dream Kush for sale | Mail order Kush online

Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid known to be among the best-tasting strains. The buds are light-green sticky nuggets, covered in bright orange hairs. This strong medication envelopes users in a warm euphoric glow, fills them with energy and creativity, and helps them to feel happy, focused, and relaxed. When Blue Dream is taken in larger doses, users may experience the following negative effects: dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, dizziness, and occasional anxiety, Buy Blue Dream kush for sale.  Get mail order weed online today  Click Here

This strain is perfect for morning use and is often used by people suffering from mood, stress, and anxiety disorders. The strong body high makes it a good choice for daytime pain relief. Blue Dream has been known to induce the munchies, which makes it useful for people suffering from nausea and anorexia. People suffering from insomnia should use it at least 2 hours before bed. Get mail order weed online today  Click Here

Blue Dream, a cross between Blueberry (Indica) and Haze (Sativa), is a true hybrid. An imitation consisting of Blueberry and OG Kush also exists. Seeds for the strain have been created through crossing a female with other strains, but the original Blue Dream is available as a clone only.mail order Kush online

Blue Dream is recommended for indoor growing. When grown outside, it can be overly susceptible to spider mite infestations. The strain flowers in about 70 days and can produce up to 600 grams per 1,000 watts or per square meter. Blue Dream grown outdoors has reported yields of up to 7 lbs per plant. Buy Blue Dream kush for sale

Buy Blue Dream Kush for sale and get Mail order Kush online

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81 reviews for Buy Blue Dream

  1. Harry A. Nye

    Really when i actually tried your Blue Dream it was like i was smoking for my first time.. i was high like never before

  2. Maxwell M. Bodily

    Blue Dream is a good one, though somehow didn’t help with the pain. I loved the heady effects on this one. Good daytime strain. [Update September 29th, 2018] I got some private reserve blue dream, and I take back about not helping with pain. Had a back pain of 8 on the pain scale before vaping blue dream, a minute or 2 later, pain scale 0. Love this strain. Definitely one of my top 5 favourites.

  3. Robert E. Holloway

    Just bought some blue dream today for the first time….love it..absolutely love it…I have sever back pain and very bad anxiety and lots of stress between work and my hectic life….instantly after only just a few tokes I felt so calm and peaceful and a full body relaxation out of this world…no more pain..and so calm feeling..yet I felt happy and ready to do things and being productive still at the same time…while riding it out on a nice comfy cloud of peace and relaxation and body numbing bliz….love this strain and highly recommend it to anyone.

  4. Richard D. McMahan

    Blue dream is a all time classic. this is a perfect beach strain and for when you need to get shit done. i personally always have some in my inventory.

  5. Stephen P. Reese

    Nice big buds burns very well old school joints. Very good…

  6. Wade V. Cales

    One of my top strains for sure. Taste, look, smell…ALL is good with this gem of a plant. Upbeat strain with a little bit of mellow to smooth out the ride…this is a winner.

  7. Ellis L. Prosperie

    I didn’t care for this strain much. It will get you high But there’s too many strains to brag or boast anything about it. Bought it a few times to try it out & build a better opinion on it to tell. So least to say I tried it but wouldn’t but it again

  8. Harold C. Lockhart

    I am the dungeon master in one of my Dungeons and Dragons games. I’ve noticed that when I’m prepping for an upcoming game and doing some writing, sometimes I can’t come up with anything good…until I started smoking this haha. Whenever I hit a mental block, I take just one hit of this and it really seems to stimulate my creativity and I almost always immediately start coming up with ideas that are vastly superior to the material I had written down prior to smoking. Blue Dream rules!!

  9. Richard E. Altamirano

    Flower is OK, I prefer vaping BD oil so I can get the full effect. Does wonders for nerve disease.

  10. Reinaldo M. Murphy

    Takes care of most of my ailments in one lovely relaxing strain

  11. Darren A. May

    I tried this a little skeptical. I’m used to smoking a higher lever THC & this one came in at 19%. However…wow!! Blue Dream is something special. Old school early 80s high, very smooth, very social & laugh out loud silly, a hell of a lot of FUN!! To describe it for us older heads, it’s that kind of wake & bake buzz you’d catch on a Saturday before heading to the mall in the late 70s, early 80s, get a second buzz later & catch a movie there too. I’m sure you remember what I mean… 😁 Works a treat for pain alleviation as well as being a fantastic strain to alleviate PTSD & is helpful in taking the edge off anxiety, stress and giving better control of several bi-polar symptoms. Sweet, mellow comedown too. Sweet taste, pleasant after taste too, somewhat like berry Bubble Yum IMO. Excellent strain for a visit a to a mall this weekend with some old friends or if you just want to take a trip down memory lane to one or maybe listen to albums, watch comedy or enjoy a cookout, this is a perfect smoke.

  12. George C. Purtell

    Not bad weed , good for day use if not working and just doing things around the house or yard….not a heavy hitter but smooth buzz , no body effects for me.

  13. Scott L. Davis

    great strain,does what it should,highly recommended

  14. Robert M. Saunders

    This strain is AMAZING! A++!

  15. Marc A. Zielinski

    First time smoked…hit 3 times… asked my man if he drugged me… shit was fire…. favorite!!!!

  16. Sean M. Pearson

    Have tried a lot of diff strains but this one WOW. I was struck by lighting in 2005 and used alcohol to drown the demons. Now I have been sober for over a year and smoke has helped. My wife also has her problems and with in min’s she is relaxed and back to her. From PTSD to having your brain fried from some million or so volts, I can say thank you BLUE DREAM. 🙂 last stand on the soap box quote. Do not —— I say from my last breath from my lungs —— DO NOT TAKE CIPRO antibiotic. Please look it up and read. The side affects almost killed my wife and it has killed people. It was intended for anthrax not for a UTI.

  17. Charles B. Phillips

    This is 1 of the classic powerhouse strains! I loved it! Its grade A++! Super DANK! GREAT smoke!

  18. Kalyn F. Berthiaume

    One of my least favorite strains. Blueberry always overpowers the better elements in a strain. The blue makes the vape more harsh, and doesn’t improve the cookies. Adding blueberry ruins the haze. If you don’t believe me try moby dick. Haze crossed with white widow, and it is much better.

  19. Robert M. Saunders

    Blue Dream has been on top of every list of strains in most US stores, it has a great Aromas with a berry flavor. After a piece of joint you can feel and see the dramatic movement of people along Colorado springs streets, however to those folks out there who hasn’t find a source or know where to grab some of these strain’s should hit wgtopstrains420 at google mailing dot come and let have an amazing feeling together.

  20. Troy M. Lachance

    Feeling good. I bought Blue Dream after reading a review it doesn’t instill maniac munchies. I’m curious about that aspect from other reviewers.

  21. Yolanda T. Stafford

    Picked up a half at 27%.Excellent taste,color&also amazing strain during the day.😎🚬

  22. Alfred J. Fowler

    Found some at Emerald Pharms in Hopland, CA. It’s now my favorite and it dried up ’round here. Very uplifting immediate affect, great flavor and mind clearing. Dig it if you want a nice mellow high and have shit to do that you can’t be blazed off your tree to do.

  23. Christopher M. Blank

    This strain is like the dove chocolate of cannabis…made to be consumed by the masses. It’s a legit daytime strain. You can do whatever you want to do during the day, and it has a nice euphoric frosting to the high…but it is missing that defining edge that makes a strain stand out. Why I gave Blue Dream four instead of three stars is the smell, taste, and smoothness to the smoke. THAT part was a truly enjoyable experience.

  24. Mario K. Finkelstein

    first time user . found amazing. i call this “walking around stuff” clear mind, uplifting clean

  25. Janet R. Hamilton

    Blue Dream can provide much peace and wellness for those suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). While no two MS patient is the same, nor is the way to treat them. But, 17 years ago I could not walk nor see because of my MS. Today I have stopped all progression and am not on any DMDs. Natural, diet, healthy lifestyle and cannabis has been my saving grace. Horrible fatigue, pain, tremors and more have left me unable to live the active lifestyle I used to live, but I am able to do so much because of the medical marijuana. For me, blue dream can often be the answer to creative writing, steady energy, no pain and tons of productivity. it also seems to help my fingers and synapses sync up better. My award winning blog is at girlwithms. I am a patient expert, MS advocate, writer and speaker. I am also a health journalist. There is so much great research out there, but again, no two are the same. Research, ask questions and be safe. #takeTHATms! xo, Caroline aka @thegirlwithms

  26. Kelly A. Duncan

    My favorite, period. I’m in my 60’s, and have tried my share of flowers, this works best for me. Helps me relax, and lessens my leg cramping issues. Perfect – now to find the best crop for the best price!

  27. Sara Sly

    This is my all around favorite strain of all time. To be my favorite it must accomplish 2 things. At 53 years and with multiple orthopedic and nerve pain problems,ot must help pain and nerve pain. If it perks me up and makes me laugh, all the better. Being higher than I’ve ever been in all my life lost its appeal long ago in college or grad school. I don’t know why, but nothing works for my mind and body like Blue Dream. I have a legal card in NJ and have to drive over 2 hours to the ONE dispensary that has it and pay more than anywhere else in the country for what is standard in other recreational and medical dispensaries. I could buy it black market for half the price; but I don’t. I can’t afford the legal risks and my body can’t afford for me to waste money on inferior product. People who prefer indica’s tire of Blue Dream quickly but if you are a pain patient, especially nerve pain, use a little for medicine and use more for what is to me a perfect high. PS. I vape more than ever smoke. Quality and freshness count when you vape, You need moisture when using a REAL vape.

  28. Isaac Jordan

    Hits hard up front like BD does, but slowly subdued to calm and happy town! Oz please!!

  29. Glen R. Hinton

    Amazing for my muscle spasms. Tastes really good. Enjoyed the high.

  30. Lora L. Sisson

    fruity high blueberry pankcakes taste alike I can hear the ice ceram man coming lol

  31. Eugene B. Gibson

    blue dream have the gold star screw in .8 its the best for my back pain, my wife falls asleep under 10 blankets.. Northeast has tons of flowers and liquid of it… A+

  32. Thomas M. Norris

    Just what the doctor ordered, this shall become a staple in my toolbox.

  33. Anthony M. Harris

    The head effects definitely different but good body…pretty tasty however not my all time favorite…

  34. Frances W. Mote

    Yummy! This cannabis tastes and smells like berries. I prefer sweet tasting strains, and this one delivers. It’s no wonder Blue Dream was a top strain in 2015 and remains a favourite today. It works amazingly as a pick me up and inspires me to get creative. I would recommend to beginners that they start with a small nug. I did smoke a little too much the first time. Which brought on a tad bit of anxiety. Within about 15 minutes I was feeling slightly euphoric and the anxiety was gone. For a family member, this is their strain of choice for battling anxiety. Still haven’t met a Haze or a baby thereof that I haven’t enjoyed yet. The Blue Dream infused dairy cream that I cook sure does make a cuppa relaxation and happy feelings. Blue Dream has earned a permanent spot in my medicine pouch.

  35. Paul V. Evans

    I love blue dream, keeps me calm and motivated.

  36. Carlos L. Bricker


  37. Keith S. Jones

    really good dreams

  38. Elizabeth E. Roger


  39. James A. Wolfe

    Works good for mood swings

  40. Leonard D. Rodriguez

    Helps with anxiety and depression

  41. Mark A. Furman

    Blue Dream, Chocolope, and Black Medicine Man are wicked good strains, at up here they are !!

  42. Isaac S. Hetrick

    This is one of my favorites so far for the treatment of my pain and severe nausea.

  43. Karen M. Arriola

    Love this strain leaves me feeling pain free and having energy

  44. Karen M. Harrison

    Love me some blue dream be ready to eat and have some fun…..

  45. Clint L. Burgess

    Amazing effect. I’ve been really scattered lately with bouts of depression. Just felt like my mind was being invaded with thoughts. I also suffer with muscle spasms. This strand- has been amazingly effective. My thoughts became very focused, euphoric, my body was no longer in pain. This is an awesome, awesome strain!

  46. Eduarda Carvalho

    I have tried this several times and found it to be a extremely light buzz.Might be used for a daytime high that would reguire more functionality.I perfer more of a couchlock high.Higher % of indica

  47. Scarlett Ramsay

    one of my all time favorites, ill never forget that smell and that taste… more sour tasting/smelling bud ive ever had, absolutely one of the best strains out there, no doubt, try it you will no tbe disapointed.

  48. Kenneth J. Gomez

    Great with pain, anxiety… withdrawal symptoms…

  49. Clara Pinto

    One of my absolute favorites. I have a high tolerance so my review might not be accurate for newbies. Blue dream is one of those strains you can smoke at any time. It is the best of both worlds… It’s sativa roots give you that initial burst of energy and creativity without making you anxious or jittery. Towards the end of the blue dream experience, you experience the relaxation and peace which is true to it’s indica side. When I smoke blue dream I feel confident and capable of managing any type of stress the day or night brings on.

  50. Carvalho Ferreira

    I have some blue dream extract. It’s little crumb like pieces, smell just like hash. It’s supposed to be used to make butter, but I wonder if I could smoke it bbright059

  51. Pinto Rodrigues

    im going to try it i wanna do it bu scared wish me luck ill come back if i like it

  52. Stephanie D. Robinson

    Sweet taste, smooth smoking. Definitely taste blueberry. Good for aches & pains.

  53. Meghann J. Carpenter

    My “Guy” has been getting different phenotypes of this strain for years which has always been on of my favorites. I picked up a 1/2 oz today because my guy said this strain was potent which he can be a good salesman sometimes but when he says better get fast before it’s gone I know he has some potent herbs! And WOW is all I can say. I’m a disabled vet that lives in Arkansas and we have been getting very AAA plus top self stuff from Colorado for a couple years now and nothing compares to this blue dream I’m smoking right now! Very mellow but energetic enuf now to really get into watching a movie without crashing! I watched wedding crashers and laughed my ass off all night! Doesn’t get any better then blue dream!!

  54. Terry H. Wise

    It’s important to note that Blue Dream is everywhere in the northeast. I have many different degrees of quality. Most pretty good, however if you get a well grow fresh batch of Blue Dream it is flat out amazing. It coats your mouth with a flavor of milk and blueberry. You’ll have some serious cotton mouth. Just keep in mind that the more popular s strain gets the more people try to grow it and this is s strain that’s over produced and the quality varies greatly. Hope you get a good batch🤪!

  55. Diane J. Richards

    This strain has many Awesome pain relief characteristics

  56. Roberta H. Sheppard

    Suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD and this works very well. Can finally work again!!

  57. Ribeiro Rocha

    Love this strain from the first time I smoked it. I love both Indica’s and Sativa’s. Preferably Sativa’s so this 60-40% mix is just the perfect high. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do then come back here and write your own review in the comments. Bet you there’s more positive than negative. Peace….✌️

  58. Ruby J. Wong

    I consider this strain perfect for psychological problems. After using this magical strain, I felt completely free and loving and more compassionate about myself. Moreover, Blue Dream is a favorite for my patients who suffer from anxiety or are looking for a way to stay relaxed.

  59. Jacalyn M. Bearden

    I am new to using cannabis so I have been experimenting with what helps me the best. At first, the effect was nice and uplifting. Then I started to get anxious and worry. My boyfriend said he noticed I react best with Indica’s or Indica dominant hybrids. The sativa strains make my PTSD worse. That said, the taste was a dreamy (pardon the play on words, I couldn’t resist) flavor of light, crisp blueberries. The effects settled in pretty fast for me. Although it made my PTSD worse, I think that is due to my sensitivity to sativas. If you are not sensitive to sativa dominant strains, the taste and hit effects are there.

  60. Keith J. Stewart

    This 60 (S)/40 (I) is damn near the perfect Hybrid. The smell & taste was so sweet of fruity berries that it became a favorite pretty quickly. I got the quick head high followed by a pain free & relaxed body, making it the best of both worlds. Buds were caked together with a fine clear layer of trichomes & had a lot of light orange hairs. I can see why in 2015 this strain was the most popular strain in circulation. Don’t miss this ray of California sunshine 🙂

  61. Reginald C. Tiller

    I like the flavor and the initial feel, but anything with Space or Dream in the name tend to make me stare at the wall. For a Sativa, it is not energizing enough for me. Good weed to read by, but for mowing the lawn, I prefer something more Diesel like.

  62. Ruby Sheldon

    As a person with Bipolar disorder… I don’t smoke random herb. Blue Dream is one of my go to strains. Instant anxiety relief and creative boost. I already deal with depression, I don’t need to be sedated, or deal with heavy Indicas all the time. Blue Dream, and Green Dream (a hybrid off of Blue Dream) are simply lovely. ST707

  63. Teresa T. Weymouth

    Sativas are tricky for me. HIgh THC Sativa strains can make me real anxious, real fast. This did give me some anxiety at first, but I have adjusted my dosage. After about 30 minutes, it does settle into a good pain reliever without heavy sedation. I am still learning how to use different strains for different purposes. At this point I am more comfortable with Indicas but I cannot use those during the day.

  64. James V. Young

    Unlike many sativa strains this assists with sleep if you want to fall asleep. Great for anxiety and PTSD.Pain relief also.

  65. Eugene M. Sanches

    Love it and is my go to medicine!

  66. Eden Arnot

    Can’t go wrong with blue dream but make me eat a lot lol….

  67. Clara L. Herron

    It is uplifting, I like it during the day. Good for stress, and anxiety.

  68. Mark M. Riendeau

    Very informative and nice pics

  69. Sharon M. Silverstein

    I enjoy the mellow high but didn’t get a very strong one and not as long lasting as I was hoping. All in all though, good choice. LJ

  70. William N. Adams

    Very good, long lasting heady effects. Great daytime focus.

  71. Linda D. Farnham

    Realiably Excellent no matter what the % . Happy, Euphoric blanketed and no pain after vaping. Most popular for good reason. Every Dispensary should carry it period.

  72. Howard V. Johnson

    2 drags from a nicely hand rolled duby and I’m quite buzzed………..A+++++++

  73. Alex D. Yang

    Wonderful, sweet flavor. Mellow and chill impact. Relaxing and it did not leave me groggy. Tend to enjoy more sativa dominant strains, but this is a great mix of each types positive qualities.

  74. Anna J. Schott

    I love this bud strong and effective weekend no work play video games and munch bud ;)-{~<

  75. Cynthia B. McMiller

    Wish I liked it as much as others do. I’m going to try it again soon, but I felt really anxious and my head felt heavy. It wasn’t a good high, actually I couldn’t wait for it to wear off. I usually smoke 80/20 hybrids as I like sativa dominant strains. I will update my review if needed.

  76. John C. Laporte

    mmmm, loving the uplifting euphoric feeling after a brief lag of nothing…but all very relaxed at the same time…hoping the wave of energy hits right as i’m getting into the pool to do my laps…should be entertaining if not psychedelic. carry on.

  77. Lauren J. Burroughs

    Great for reliving Just about any illness or pain that you might have

  78. Ryan J. Johnson

    Best of both worlds. Basically a hybrid, this is one that no matter your preference you’ll enjoy. First off this really cool looking buds with a sweet smell. Then the flavor is sweet and smooth, but also has a bite to it. This is a great all day smoke. Must have for the avid smoker and a great compromise for both Sativa and Indica lovers.

  79. David K. Morris

    Works excellent for anxiety and ptsd

  80. Manuela E. Tyler

    It was a good mellow high but I had a headache after it worn off

  81. Elizabeth E. Roger

    My favorite after Candyland,. Works great for my anxiety and pain.

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