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Strain Name: Bruce Banner #3
Type: Indica/Sativa
Grade: AAA
THC: 30%
Medical Uses: Best for Stress, Insomnia, Pain and Depression
Recommended time of Use: Night
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USA and Canada : 4 to 24 hours
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Buy Bruce Banner #3 | Get Hemp Online Today

Buy Bruce Banner #3 | Get Hemp Online in USA, Canada and Europe

Buy Bruce Banner #3

Looking to get hemp online ??  Buy Bruce Banner for the best prices you would see online. FIZATA EXPRESS is the home for the most pure cannabis strains on the land know all across the world  for the quality of our cannabis products..Get hemp online today and have it shipped to you in UK, USA , Canada and the rest of Europe.More

Bruce Banner #3 takes it’s name from the alter-ego of comic book superhero the Hulk and it receives this name because it is quite a powerful strain, Bruce Banner #3 reaching nearly 30% in THC content! Get hemp online  you can buy bruce banner , Buy Blue Dream , Buy  Ak47  and many more

Bruce Banner # 3 with more than 28% THC is the strongest strain, which was ever tested in the US Cannabis Cup. Bruce Banner has its origins in Colorado, where Fizata has directly received an elite clone of our friend and profi-breeder Larry. The phenotype number 3 of Bruce Banner is OG-dominant and originated from the intersection of a OG Ghost with a Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel.

The effects come on quickly to provide an immediate burst of euphoria before easing into relaxation. This powerful hybrid has a great balance between the Sativa and Indica effects. The energy Bruce Banner gives is easily channeled into productivity, making this strain suitable for daytime or evening smoke sessions, though its potency is often too much for professional situations.

It is a pleasure to grow this strain: late in flowering, the fan leaves tend to turn a rich dark magenta color. A coating of large-headed trichomes covers all surfaces, the buds are dense, completely frosted and slightly rounded. The aroma of Bruce Banner # 3 is very sweet with lemon undertones and leaves a slightly spicy aftertaste. The effect begins immediately with a euphoric head high, that lets you slowly drifting into a pleasant relaxed body stoned, while the mind still accomplishes maximum performance.

The trip of the Bruce Banner # 3 never seems to die, and its almost 30% THC will be an unforgettable experience. A great choice for experienced Marijuana users and those looking for a powerful and strong high.

Bruce Banner # 3 has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. The best results provides this mostly Sativa cannabis variety as a Scrog with 9 plants per m². Bruce Banner produces big yields despite its extreme potency. The buds get very sticky, heavy and big and the plants have an expansive grow. Therefore the strain often must be tied down to get the height under control. Makes 100% full melt bubble hash, and has amazing yields on bubble hash and bho runs. Flush well.


Bruce Banner will provide a relaxing body high accompanied with useful pain killing effects for users. The Sativa dominant strain is often used for treating pain, depression, PTSD, inflammation and migraines. More Info

Yield: 800 g/m2 indoors / 1000 g/plant outdoors
Genetics: OG Ghost x (Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel)
40% Indica, 60% Sativa
Flowering-time: 60 days indoors
harvest outdoors: early october
Height Height Indoor: 100-130 cm
Height Outdoor: 200-300 cm
High THC-Level: 28,5%

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  1. Jorja Redmond

    Nice Smoke !! 😊😨😴

  2. Ewan Clayton

    All I know is a few hits of this will fuck u uppppp, we had a fucking laugh what a strain!!

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