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Strain Name: Champagne Kush
Type: Hybrid
THC: 15.0%
Medical Uses: Recommended for Anxiety, Pain and Depression
Recommended time of Use: Night
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USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 2 Days

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Buy Champagne Kush

Buy Champagne Kush | Buy Legal Cannabis At Marijuana Shop Online Welcome to our Marijuana Shop Online here you can Buy legal cannabis cheap with shipping to all locations world wide. Do you want to Buy Champagne Kush??  Its also just called Champagne, is a 50/50 hybrid with bright to medium toned green buds that are covered in orange hairs and smell faintly of the beverage after which they are named. Despite the name of Kush, this strain’s Indica effects are fewer, providing a light body high that may make users feel very tingly. The strain’s cerebral effects are much more prominent, filling users’ mind with a warming, mood elevating euphoria. Users of this strain report a rise in the desire to socialize, becoming much more talkative. Even the “champagne of weed” is not without the usual negative side-effects, dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, headaches and paranoia. More info

A good strain for use during the daytime, Champagne Kush’s  tingling body high may ease some lesser chronic aches and pains. However, it is more often chosen by those looking to fight the chaining effects of stress, anxiety and depression related disorders. A few find that this strain helps them sleep easier as well. Read More

Buy Champagne Kush its is a cross between Hashplant and a Kush that had been pollinated by a male Burmese plant. This strain grows short, rarely reaching above 55 centimeters, and flowers in between eight and ten weeks. Outdoors the strain is ready for harvest in mid-November. Buy Champagne Kush it can provide a medium to high yield that has been tested at a 15 percent THC level.

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