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Strain Name: Chemdawg Kush
Type: Indica / Sativa
THC: 19.0%
Medical Uses: Recommended for Anxiety, Pain and Depression
Recommended time of Use: Night
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USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 2 Days

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Buy Chemdawg Kush | online Marijuana shop ( Buy mail order cannabis )

Buy Chemdawg Kush | online Marijuana shop ( Buy Mail order cannabis )


Want to buy chemdawg kush online at cheap prices? then look no further FIZATA EXPRESS is the leading online marijuana shop  where you can buy mail order Cannabis. Chemdawg is a legendary strain with an uncertain genetic history. While it is thought to be crossed from Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces by U.S. breeders, many have laid claim to this strain’s creation. Chemdawg’s origin stories include one account of a complicated seed exchange among fellow growers at a Grateful Dead concert and another tale pinning the strain’s parentage on a Colorado strain called Dog Bud (so named for its tendency to make the smoker roll over like a dog). Whatever its beginnings, Chemdawg has become a staple in the U.S. cannabis market for its unique taste and upbeat, energetic high. It has also been used to crossbreed several popular and successful strains. Chemdawg’s THC content has been measured at between 15% and 20%.

Chemdawg has medium-sized buds that look slightly different from those of hybrid or pure indica lineage. Long and tapered rather than popcorn-like, the flowers have relatively loose and wispy leaves. The spring green leaves are covered in sticky white trichomes, lending buds a silver-white appearance. Due to the combination of their loose structure and resinous texture, buds of Chemdawg are particularly difficult to break up by hand — users preparing flowers for joints or pipes will have an easier time with a grinder. The sticky flowers are threaded through with red to orange pistils. Chemdawg has a smell reminiscent of diesel fuel (which many say is the source of the “chem” in its name). The pungent flowers also give off odors of earthy musk and some pine. As long as flowers are properly cured, this strain has smooth smoke that tastes sour and when inhaled. On the exhale, Chemdawg’s smoke betrays its signature diesel taste with an ammonia-like tang that hits the top of the palate.

The high from Chemdawg hits quickly, sometimes before users have had a chance to finish appreciating its distinctive diesel aroma. Smokers may experience a sharpening of the senses and an increased hyper-awareness of their surroundings. This initially disorienting head high becomes more productively cerebral and introspective in the right set and setting. Chemdawg can lend itself to exuberant conversation. Its ability to amplify sensory experiences also makes it particularly good for creative endeavors. Many users report a palpable sense of physical relaxation — although nothing near couchlock — leading to some speculation that Chemdawg has some indica in its genetics as well. Chemdawg’s strong cerebral high has made it valuable in treating some of the symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and even PTSD. Some fans of the strain describe relief from chronic pain and migraines as well. Because of its potency and mental focus, Chemdawg has the potential to trigger the kind of manic, recursive thinking that can lead to paranoia. As such, even users with a high tolerance for THC are advised to moderate their intake accordingly. Buy chemdawg kush online today at the cheapest you would see online we are the leading online marijuana shop  where you could buy mail order marijuana  more info

Chemdawg is a strain whose cultivation is better suited to more experienced growers. For a while, it could only be grown as a clone if a clipping was obtained from a mature plant; now, however, many seed companies sell packaged seeds of Chemdawg. It is more often grown indoors than outdoors, as it requires a good amount of tending to resist mold and mildew. Growing indoors takes some vigilance — the sativa-typical plants often grow over 5 feet tall, and as such, growers should bend and prune them early in the vegetative stage in order to keep them at a manageable height. Plants flower within 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors and typically offer a very high yield: growers can expect between 65 and 75 grams, or 2.3 and 2.6 ounces, per square footage of plant. Such high yields on such relatively tall plants can make for branches that sag under the weight of the flowers; growers should use tall supports like wooden dowels in order to keep plants upright in the flowering stage. Finally, because of Chemdawg’s pungency, any growers preoccupied with secrecy or discretion should invest in indoor odor-control measures like carbon air filters or exhaust fans. Buy chemdawg kush online today at FIZATA EXPRESS for the cheapest you would see online we are the leading online marijuana shop  where you could buy mail order Cannabis

Chemdawg’s potency has made it a valuable strain for crossbreeding. Its descendant strains include the phenotype Chemdawg 91 as well as the hugely popular hybrids Sour Diesel and OG Kush. More likely to keep users awake then put them to sleep if consumed at night, it has an almost eye-watering pungency and energizing and thought-stimulating effects. Chemdawg can be a great choice for accomplishing tasks, as well as for more celebratory circumstances as it keeps heads buzzing and conversation flowing. Buy chemdawg kush online today at the cheapest you would see online we are the leading online marijuana shop  where you could buy mail order Cannabis

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27 reviews for Buy chemdawg kush

  1. kimberly Noses

    My top 3 best strains! Taste is amazing!!

  2. Eric Wiltchas

    Thanks for my Seeds FIZATA, its Wonderful plant to grow indoors providing flowers of sweetness that people love to get their hands on! One of the best hybrid strains around.

  3. Amstrong Te

    Best bud ever hands down High for Hours at least 3

  4. Lorens ben

    Very unique smell and taste. Full body relaxation effect, eases muscle pain/tension. Strong, happy couch lock. Recommended for someone done with work for the day and ready to relax and unwind. Pleasant and mild cerebral effect, happy contentment.

  5. Jr Martins

    Good Gawd! Wow,wow,wow! Absolutely THE most calming smoke I have EVER tried! It’s like herbal valium! NOT Sleepy, calming. I was in a pissy mood, had this, mellowed right out.Can’t say enough about this awesome strain!

  6. linda d

    Nothin better then comin home to the dawg. Smooooth n sexy

  7. Fernando kk

    Good bud very relaxed after smoking this strain. Wish the buds were bigger fairly little nuts other than that great…

  8. terens gaston

    It did not make me sleepy, but relaxed me so my hip, shoulder and chest pain was moderated. I love this shop. The man is so helpful and has explained what the different strains do and don’t do. Dabney Patterson

  9. Lucas Jr

    After several failed attempts to get a good batch of Chemdawg, I actually got some from a buddy. The smell is dank and chemically and strong. The Flavor is a mix of Jack Herer and or headbandish. The high was a surprise. I’m an everyday all day smoker and it got me good old fashion, caught with my pants down High!! I was blasted from halve a blunt. Oh ya that’s the real thing. Very nice weed🤪. My wife was cheesin all morning after this wake n bake.😃

  10. Desmond vvv

    Great smoke, an hour after smoking a 1g joint, I’m still feeling relaxed and calm.

  11. Sandra Wai

    Knock out, dank.

  12. Christian bn

    Chem Dawg is the Bomb ***** 5 stars

  13. Marcko lii

    It took about five minutes to hit but when it does it is completely hands down the most relaxing , stress relieving strain I’ve tried so far.. worth keeping stock of.

  14. Christopher

    Your flowers you,have are excellent!

  15. Mr Pee

    Strong, heady high but super-relaxing. No euphoria here, but lots of tidy introspection. Sinks into a heavy body high after a woody, fuel-y taste. Very strong, as many have noted. And yet, less than I expected considering its “foundational” status. Still, a bit better than OK.

  16. Grayson Joe

    To date, my favorite. Smoothest high ever, relaxing, happy, funny mood. I didn’t get the munchies! Just wish it lasted longer.

  17. Harry James

    Best all around strain. Puts immediate smile on my face after agonizing pain 24/7. Never fails to put you in a good mood. Although Indica, hybrid, it’s very energizing. I get lots done, when I could not do a thing before, because of pain, and inflammation.

  18. Jaxon Ryan

    Bud appears almost silver/white because of all the fine white trichomes & the pale (almost white) pistils. Once the grinder was used on the bud it came out light to medium green. When i didn’t use the grinder my fingers got slightly sticky. Buds were loose on the outside but, firm on the inside. Scent & flavor was chemical/diesel with pine. Good cerebral high making me happy & uplifted. Followed by a nice mellow relaxation. If you like Chemdawg you will love Chemdawg #4!!

  19. Bela Rose

    My favorite strain, excellent for what ails you

  20. Oliver Clarks

    This one seems like its effectiveness depends on why you smoke. Tried it w/both a glass bowl and a bong (was faster). Half a night stocking shelves and a night playing video games. Mouth went kind of numb–like after you go to the dentist. That kind of “realizing you can’t feel your mouth until you move your lips” sort of feeling, along with dry mouth It’s very difficult to focus. You want to rest but you also can’t sit still. Makes my pulse bounce a lot, which was uncomfortable because I was just really aware of it. But it’s an excellent strain to share with friends. I usually smoke alone so I found the first half not all that enjoyable. But the lack of focus, the funny faces–would likely make for a hilarious night with friends. Not so good at work or at video games. Difficulty w/attention span makes it so-so for projects, creative stuff or relaxing. At work, if you get annoyed it bleeds through quick and turns it into paranoia. So I’d likely only smoke it among friends, otherwise I’d use it as fill w/another indica. So a good strain over all, the highs are buzzy and then fade into content relaxation. But it’s great strain for get-togethers. If you’re one of those who usually smokes alone or someone who prefers indicas you might find it a little weird at first.

  21. Sofia Gs

    simple and serene

  22. Nanci maiss

    Really good cerebral high after two bong rips… Then a relaxing body high that puts you in a carefree mood. 😎

  23. Charles tr

    This strain was above and beyond the best strain for sexual satisfaction. I had multiple orgasms one after another on this strain from the vape. Lol you may be wasting your time using this with your “friends”. The vape was a little harsh and caused some coughing, but the taste was unique. I would get an ounce of this again.

  24. Arone TY

    I’m greedy with my CD4 and smoke whatever else with company..I may take a light puff to do some house work or gardening or hit it hard to knock me out at night. Has helped my anxiety tremendously. I love you chemdawg #4!

  25. hellen moor

    Very effective and relaxes the body totally before a good nights sleep. A plus for sure on the one, the Best so far.

  26. Tommy Ty

    This Is Fire!!! Smoked it through a bong. For better &quicker effects;got Stoned* back pain. muscle pain. Minegrain. Depression. loss of appetite . WoW awesome results. And a strong strain!

  27. John paul

    One of the best! It’s one of the most versatile strains for basically whatever ailes you 😀

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