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Strain Name: Girl Scout Cookies
Type: Hybrid
THC: 20.4%
Medical Uses: Recommended for Depression, Stress and Pain
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Buy Girl Scout Cookies Weed Online : Buy Hemp Buds Cheap

Buy girl scout cookies weed online : Buy Hemp Buds Cheap

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Weed Online. Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross whose reputation grew too large to stay within the borders of its California homeland. With a sweet and earthy aroma, Girl Scout Cookies launches you to euphoria’s top floor where full-body relaxation meets a time-bending cerebral space. A little goes a long way with this hybrid, whose THC heights have won Girl Scout Cookies numerous Cannabis Cup awards. Patients needing a strong dose of relief, however, may look to GSC for severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss. Buy weed online today Buy Hemp buds cheap online with us today

There are several different phenotypes of the Girl Scout Cookies strain including Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies, which exhibit some variation in appearance and effect. Typically, however, Girl Scout Cookies expresses its beauty in twisting green calyxes wrapped in purple leaves and fiery orange hairs. Patients and consumers looking to cultivate this cannabis staple themselves should wait 9 to 10 weeks for their indoor plants to finish flowering. Hurry and Buy Girl Scout Cookies Weed Online  with us also Buy Hemp Buds Cheap the best prices you would see any where online

The smoke is sweet and is very smooth on the lungs. I love to smoke this strain at the end of a tiring day but still be able to enjoy reading a book or checking things on my phone or ipad. You will feel a nice  after 15 mins. of smoking it followed by a very cradling head buzz. Oh and did i say a bunch of naughty giggles afterwards

If you thought Girl Scout Cookies couldn’t get any better, then behold its next evolution, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. This Cup-winning hybrid — a cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison and a third unknown strain — fills your nose and lungs with sweet notes of berry and candy, followed by a fruity spiciness. Patients with severe pain, nausea, swelling, migraines, and stress should look no further for relief as symptoms both physical and mood-related melt away instantly.

Buy girl scout cookies weed online : Buy Hemp Buds Cheap

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14 reviews for Buy Girl Scout Cookies Weed

  1. Sam Laffer

    I just dried hit it & it’s very sweet & pungent now time for the light it’s very sweet and pungent earthy taste has me very relaxed, happy & hungry a very good taste a very strong high 4.8 Stars

  2. Kim Marley

    This is a great strain for night time use or if you are ISO relief during the day! Grade A! U won’t regret it!

  3. Sheng Kao

    🔥🍪 BEST COOKIES EVER! Green Therapeutics NAILED this one. Gelato was my favorite cookie strain until now. Platinum Cookies is the one. The taste is so amazing… everything you want from both of it’s parents with an immediate head high and shortly following body relation. The buds qualify as nug porn. Sticky and saturated with trichomes. I absolutely love and recommend this strain to anybody and everybody. Lovers and haters of cookies alike, get your hands on this strain. Limonene: 5.034 mg/g, B-Caryophyllene: 4.518 mg/g, Linalool: 1.772 mg/g.

  4. Messy Williams

    Smells wonderful looks wonderful feels wonderful. The only problem I ran into is when I used to much I had trouble wanting to go about the business of the day but in the correct dosage it freeeded me from the strains of having a mental illness aka it helped kick stress’ ass.

  5. Gaetan Therriault

    This weed is awesome for back pain recommend it

  6. Jürgen Egger

    Very tasty pine and berry flavors. The Sativa makes it awesome! The high is wonderful and lifting! My favorite…..kind of reminded me of white widow.

  7. Nancy Kimaly

    This is my favorite strain. I used it at night, which produced a very clear thinking mode. There was a clarity of thought that I had never experienced before. I never had a negative reaction, all good. After a period of incredible insight into my life, my assumptions about life, and help with many minor problems, I did go to sleep. I always woke up in a happy mood. A #1!

  8. Sandra Lens

    Flavorful, perfectly cured bud. Sweet and smooth inhale, piney minty exhale. A good blend of highs, not heavy and not too light either

  9. Na Shao

    Good buzz carry, Just finished of a half of this stuff lasted me 4 days, was very dusty was able to shake of a good amount of the eddy for later, not easy to roll joints with mildly lumpy, packs a bowl well, good stress reliever, from a long day.

  10. Lucas Costa Ribeiro

    This is one of my all time favorite strains. Really good flower.

  11. Gregory Diamond

    This is the only bud that I can toke and work on. Pleasant, mild high that calms and relieves stress and agitation

  12. Mark Danico

    Awesome aroma before & after puffing, great side affects for everything, laughy strain with great head & body highs.Tastes sweet2 you’ll be wanting some Girl Scout cookies just from the name TRUST!!

  13. Dawson Licaky

    My inital reaction upon scent, I knew it was A1 gas. It also passed the eye test with ease. This flower is very beautiful naturally,but once you turn your flash on…whoa! Although im going to come all the way clean and say I wish it smokes a lil better than how it’s looks and smells,but overall strong 8 outta 10!

  14. Walters Nancky

    Been smoking 45 years Never tasted anything like this Wonderful not to much and you want be Couch bound But if that’s what you want It will really mellow you out👍👍👍👍

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