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Strain Name: Green Crack
Type: Sativa
Grade: A++
THC: 24.50%
Medical Uses: Best for Pain, Anxiety and Depression
Recommended time of Use: Night
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USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 4 Days

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Green Crack is a strain that has been around for over two decades, making the rounds in medical marijuana dispensaries from Michigan to California and Seattle.

Originally named “Crush”, the strain was later renamed by none other than Snoop Dog. He named it Green Crack because of the need to keep taking hits of the bud. It is mostly Sativa and stems from the ’89 SSSC Skunk#1 crossed with Indica lineage. It gives a short and light high that has been described as “spacey.” Its easy to understand the play on word “crack” once you experience the energetic and bouncy feeling this strain’s high provides. Visit Shop for more strains

The potent citrus smell is the first aroma that is released from Green C, which is also how it established its original name “Crush” or Green Crush. buy green crack seeds for sale  ,  Buy green crack weed

The buds of Green-Crack also live up to their name with their distinct bright green hues, along with their orange hairs. The citrus smell seems to transcend into the taste which produces a sweet and smooth flavor with an intense lemon aftertaste. Just a few hits provide an alert and awake feeling that lasts for hours without having to take multiple hits.

Medical Value of Green Crack weed

Medical users will find Green Crack best for depression, nausea, and as an effective migraine treatment.

The Sativa-classified Green Crack strain is favored among beginner growers and is suited for both indoor and outdoor gardening. It has a typical flowering time of 7-9 weeks and yields a moderate to high crop. When grown properly, the buds should glisten with shiny tri-chromes.  VISIT HOME PAGE   Buy green crack weed  

Unique for instant energy and feelings of utter joy, Green Crack is one of the best cannabis strains out there for daytime use. Buy Medical Cannabis today  Buy green crack weed  

21 reviews for Buy Green Crack

  1. Taylah Laidlaw

    Super heavy sativa head stone. Slaps you in the face, neck and chest with a sledge hammer. Go easy on this one…two hits and you’re cooked!

  2. Lawrence Cook

    This was nice. The buds were tight and solid, well presented, sweet pungent aromas made me hungry just smelling it. The high was quick to come on, it was better than a shot of espresso, spurring some energy for chores I was up and handling dishes with a smile on my face. Even used it to override a burn out caused by some heavy Indica… Great wake and bake, all day general purpose bud, got some chores or want to spend a day on nature hike type bud. Eva (DD) does a nice job on this, I don’t know if I would consider them top shelf, yet (still sampling), but if you can get your hands on them for <$13/gram then they are truly worth checking out, especially the Green Crack.

  3. Tristan M. Clausen

    There was a lot of hype recently about green crack in the area. So I thought I better give it a try. First, I got mine on the black market. The buds were all small tight nuggets that were dry and well handled. Not much to look at. The smell was very sweet and fruity. I rolled it in a mango HD slow burn blunt. The taste was nice, but didn’t grab me. To me the reason to buy green crack is the smooth smoke. No harshness or cough. Very smooth mellow and sweet on the inhale and just as easy on the exhale. Now to the 3 star rating. I did mention I got an old batch so take that in consideration. I smoked this twice. Once when I got it and then a wake n bake before this review. The high was weak and didn’t really impress me. My wife agreed. It was okay, but for medicating or just having fun you could do better.

  4. Long Tuan

    Not My favorite strain. I’d say it was more anxiety producing than action producing for me. Just an overall restless feeling that I don’t enjoy. It hits very fast and hard, and is super heady. I kinda get why it’s called crack actually…🤪 Me, I prefer downers so not going to be my go-to.

  5. Feng Huang

    gr8 head high…….feeling relaxed..but not burn’t out.Stays with ya for a good while…:):):)

  6. Alex Azevedo

    Green Crack is such an UNbelievably good strain! Its A++! The appearance,taste,& aroma is 1 of a kind!

  7. Carlos Lopez

    I’m no longer on my Ritalin due to this strain. I don’t get the stoned feel like some other strains. Very clear headed. Definitely one I keep on hand.!

  8. Anthony Simpson

    👽💉 You should only ever smoke one kind of crack… Green Crack. This super sativa will ignite a fire inside your head. Famous for giving some users an intense mental buzz with a nice introspective insight. It will give you loads of energy, crush your stress and get you thinking. It smells and tastes like sweet citrus from the earth. I love getting absolutely RIPPED off of this strain and getting doing something fun for my mind. It makes things exciting and gives your a broader perspective on everything around you. This strain can take you places if you let it! One of my favorite daytime smokes. Highly recommended! Look for that extra cared for indoor Green Crack!

  9. Dawson Licaky

    Have a cold, works great! More energetic but mostly in the brain..good studying strain for you learned group.

  10. Ada Davide

    I tried this bud last night and could definitely feel the Sativa. As a Virgo, the Sativa makes me go into OCD overdrive. I could feel the indica as well and really wanted to go to sleep but stayed up sweeping my porch…Sativa also makes me chatty patty so that kind of sucked. Otherwise, I was grateful to have it. Very good strong buzz.

  11. Gaetan Therriault

    great color, aroma, smooth smoke! Definitely one of my tops!

  12. Lucija Barišić

    Serious head high. A little will wake you right up and make you happy. Great daytime strain.

  13. Sheldon Pualy

    thanks allot FIZATA , just got my package this morning

  14. Emil C. Bech

    This has become my morning go to. For me it is like 2 advil and a cup of coffee. It is a clear headed high with a boost of energy and pain relief.

  15. Kim Marley

    I LOVE IT!! The smell is what grabbed me first! I could smell that all day! This is not for the first-timer. Very potent. One great thing is that when it leaves, it leaves clean. I will always buy some if it’s a round!

  16. Nimr Abdul-Ahad Guirguis

    I wish you could ring a bell or receive a sticker when you find your absolute #1 go to strain in all situations. I have been researching different Sativa strains for about 3 months now. Green Crack hits every point of everything I was looking for. I was looking for mood lifting, energy, functionality, get shit done girl! Intake is smooth, first thought was it tasted like wheatgrass, lemony, earthy and hardly makes you cough. Nice taste. As a mom of 3 teens, I’m a discreet vapor. I wanted to point out too that you are still clear headed enough to work productively. For me, it absolutely gave me the best happy euphoria feeling everytime for at least a few hours. This strain has helped me get my ass up and going after a sad beak up of 4 yrs. This strain has made me feel up to reaching out to family and friends more. This gets me dancing in the kitchen listening to music. I have the most optimistic attitude. On the come down it is so sly and slow. No tiredness after. If this worked for every one, what a wonderful world this would be. My second choice is J1, another great one that worked for me.

  17. Jesper Lajeunesse

    It keeps me awake and alert. Under its influence I’ve had less pain, and been very positive, creative, and thoughtful. This is the stuff that I need.

  18. Sam Davison

    Very strong strain but also short lasting like Sour Deisel.

  19. Erminio Lucchesi

    9/10, I able to do house work. Without pain and without crying! Love this strain! The whole house shines and everyone is happy.

  20. Shing Tai

    I went in to TREE HOUSE CLUB, Awesome Bud Tenders , I ask about White Girl’s GREEN CRACK. Damn three hits That’s all she wrote, A very very nice young lady help me with my order.

  21. Austin Laport JR

    Green Crack is one of the cleanest sativas I’ve ever had. Good for waking up at up at dawn cleaning your entire house. Not recommend for anyone who is sensitive to getting paranoid. In dispensaries it is usually given a different name like Green Goddess, Green Goblin, Green Cush, Green Queen,etc .The phenotype that i like has a strong citrus smell and a slightly harsh smoke. It can be moderately difficult to grow although some phenotypes can have a 55 day flower period. (short for a sativas)

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