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These are fluffy Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies that hold their original color, so no one will know that you’re having a mid-day snack and medicating at the same time! These cookies are made fresh and with healthy ingredients so feel free to indulge in more then one if you’re a regular consumer of edibles. They make great gifts or can really spice up a party and make it a whole lot of fun! No one will even know that they were made with vegan ingredients. By far the most popular way to have these powerful little treats is a couple hours before bed as a guilt free snack, maybe with a cup of milk or Canna-Tea. You will soon feel yourself ease into a state of relaxation after consuming and enjoy a long deep sleep. As with all edibles please have a small amount and see how it effects you, wait 60-90 minutes before consuming more.


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Tea time comes at 4:20 with Happy Tea is  super strong, super tasty organic teas.  These little bags are packed with premium, high-grade medical marijuana and natural, organic herbs.

Available in the following flavors:

Aphrodesia – Provides a sensually intoxicating, fully body, evocative euphoria. Contains: cannabis, decaffeinated green tea, pink rose petals, damiana, spearmint, rooibos, licorice, cardamom.

Blunt – A deep, heady, and transcendent euphoria that will keep your inner superhero ablaze! Contains: cannabis, black tea leaves, ginger root, cardamom, cacao nibs

Chamomile Buds – A herbal tea that provides full body relaxation for a sweet surrender into gentle sleep. Contains: cannabis, chamomile flowers, mint, lemon myrtle. Buy Weed Edibles online such as Buy Cannabis Tea bags today

Cocoon – A herbal tea that is full body and balancing – it inspires meditative sleep and relaxation. Contains: cannabis, valerian, lavender, chamomile, honey bush, lemon peel. more

Ganja Mate – A heady, stimulating euphoria that provides good vibrations. Contains: cannabis, yerba mate, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, peppercorn.

Green Tea Mint – An un-compromised, non traditional blend, the Green Peppermint tea provides a mellow, invigorating, full body euphoria. Contains: cannabis, peppermint, green tea, green tea matcha.

High Jasmine – A green Jasmine tea that gets the twinkle back in your eyes with a full body, soothing and rejuvenating euphoria. Contains: cannabis, jasmine green tea leaves, jasmine flowers, lemon peel.

Lemon Moon – A herbal tea that provides a soaring heady euphoria through a citrusy garden delight! Contains: cannabis, white tea, lemon verbena, lemon balm, orange peel, honey bush.

Sencha Monk – A matcha sencha tea is pure, serene and transcendent, providing a deep heady euphoria. Contains: cannabis, green tea sencha, green tea matcha. Hurry Buy Weed Edibles online such as Buy Cannabis Tea bags

Peace – A white/herbal tea that provides inner serenity for the world citizen through a serene, heady euphoria. contains: cannabis, white tea, white rose, peppermint.

Zen – A white/herbal tea that is playfully serene and sweetly satisfying with a full body, transcendent euphoria. contains: cannabis, green tea, lemongrass, stevia leaves. Buy Weed Edibles online such as Buy Cannabis Tea bags

Zion – A herbal tea, also known as the Lion’s Blend, that provides a heady, transcendent euphoria. Contains: cannabis, ginger root, red bush rooibos, peppermint. see more

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